Every Gospel Talent Under The SON

OUR VISION: The Gospel Depot Is Where You Can Find
"Every Gospel Talent Under The SON"

OUR MISSION: Is to provide exposure for inner-city gospel
talent by way of stage-show, radio, magazine,
TV and the Internet, as these become available.

OUR PURPOSE: Is to offer an avenue for Gospel Groups,
Choirs, Soloists, Comedians, Rappers, Poets, Praise-dancers, of all ages
(including our youth), to showcase their talents in a safe community environment.

OUR GOAL: Is to share Christian awareness for a common
cause of
Helping Others In Need, and strengthening
the family structure for a safer and better unity in our community.

Erskin Butler, Founder
Every Gospel Talent Under The SON

Proceeds from our fundraising activities
will go to the building and keeping of the concepts of this organization
as stated in our by-laws, and within the 501(c)3 meaning of the Internal Revenue Code.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Gospel Depot is designed to provide exposure for new & independent gospel talent
byway of Stageshow, Radio, Magazine, Television & the Internet.

The Gospel Depot is not only an award show, but also a gospel talent showcase where
gospel groups, choirs, soloists, comedians, rappers, poets, praise dancers, evangelists,
preachers & pastors can exercise their gift in the music ministry using instruments,
sound-tracks, a'capella, or what ever their God given talents leads them to do.
(c) 2016 - 2017 Gospel Depot
As you already know, there are many talented individuals in our area,
especially our youth, who need to be encouraged to share the gifts and talents
that God has blessed them with.

We at the Gospel Depot encourages the development of gospel creative
expression, as an alternative to unproductive time wasted on the streets, or
some other unlawful activity.

The Gospel Depot welcomes all Born-Again, Spirit-Filled, believers who desire
to serve and praise GOD with their talent, time and treasure, and become a
part of this new music ministry.

We thank you for adopting us into your family. Any help that you may surrender
is greatly appreciated. Thanks & GOD Bless.